About Me

Serious b* face in Paris.
  1. 22 years ago I was born in Minnesota. It’s too cold there and I couldn't take it.
  2. Four years ago I moved to rural Scotland. There are fishmongers and cheesemongers here. No one mongers anything in Minnesota. Scotland is magical. 
  3. Two years ago I began cooking for real because I was hungry and on a budget. I learned that I loved it. 
Born and raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, I don't really feel Minnesotan. I know nothing of cabins, lutefisk, or Scandinavian culture. On the other hand, I say 'pop' instead of soda and somedays I miss Target so much it hurts.

In 2010 I relocated to St Andrews, Scotland for college.* I feasted on the most delicately battered fish and chips (cooked in beef dripping), fell in love with Hendricks gin, and shopped at a butcher for the first time. In St Andrews miles long beaches, dramatic cliff sides, and sprawling fields dotted with lambs became my home. Next year will find me in London for my masters degree in journalism.

On Sudacakes you'll get summa my life in Fife when I'm not daydreaming about what to make for dinner. I believe in comfort food done well. I don't do weird low-cal substitutes. There's a place for fat free milk, but it's not in my food. I also believe in food that's made from straightforward recipes and ingredients, because I'll mess up anything else.

When I'm lucky I get to travel too. In the last few years I've been to Scotland (duh), England, Italy (2x), France, and Germany (2x).

Some of my favorite things include yoga, wearing yoga pants, bougie grocery stores, and watching lots of TV.

Food I love:
  • avocados
  • pork
  • milky Yorkshire tea
  • mushrooms
  • butternut squash

Food I hate:
  • mushy peas
  • chunky raw tomato
  • Christmas pudding

* I loved my time at St Andrews. Please get in touch if you have questions!!

Catching the bouquet at my sister's wedding in Lake Como, Italy.

Fixing a wedgie in Munich, Germany.

Admiring French pastries in Paris.