Monday, January 13, 2014

Food Resolutions for 2014

Not too late for resolutions is it? It might be mid-January but better late than never!

Drink more alcohol.

Now that I've finally acquired a taste for beer and red wine, it's time to be adventurous. I usually just get the same old same old: dry wine followed distantly by gin (if ever). I want to experiment with new spirits, liqueurs, and cocktails at home. There's so much out there that I haven't tried. There are many excellent British spirits, but I'm not sure how much fancy gin I can squeeze into a student budget.

Get out of my cooking rut.

There have been long periods of time where I just couldn't be bothered. While I was writing my dissertation, cooking (and the subsequent clean up) became such a chore to me. I had no will or interest to plan, prep, cook, and clean. Near the end, I only wanted to work or veg out, so cooking was very tedious. I had tons of mediocre take away sandwiches, soups, and salads this fall. To be honest, I don't think I could bear eating one more Boots meal deal in my life. So I've decided to branch out and try weird food pairings this year.

By the way, I love this description of solo meals by Jenny of Dinner: A Love Story on A Cup of Jo:
" egg sandwich meal is best experienced as the anti-family dinner—standing up at the counter scanning facebook or in front of X Factor while simultaneously responding to every iPhone ping. There are no utensils. There are no manners. There are no rules."
I relate to that so much. My version includes a limp sandwich in one hand and a greasy, food-smeared smartphone in the other.

Go pescatarian. Sometimes. 

Inspired by my fabulous friends who run The Consicous Student, and for reasons of health, frugality, and vanity, I'm aiming to eat pescatarian (vegetarian with seafood) two to three days a week. I love a stodgy meal of meat and potatoes - probably too much actually - so I tend to eat the same meals of pasta and meat day to day. It's just so simple to fry a couple sausages and call it dinner, although I love a nice salad with fish, especially when I don't have to make it myself. But I think it will be relatively simple to stay away from meat as breakfast and lunch can easily be meat-free.

Cook more intuitively.

My big sis is amazingly intuitive when she cooks. I cook recipe by recipe, buying new stuff and never using it again, whereas Kanlaya whips up something great with whatever is around. I want to reduce food waste, use some creativity, and save money.

That about wraps up my list. What are your resolutions?

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