Thursday, January 31, 2013

Buttermilk roast chicken

When I started blogging three years ago I was a 17 year old high school senior. The last few years have been incredible and scary and long. A summary:
  1. Twenty years ago I was born in Minnesota. It’s too damn cold there and I hated it. 
  2. Two+ years ago I moved to rural Scotland. There are fishmongers and cheesemongers here. No one mongers anything in Minnesota. Scotland is magical. 
  3. One year ago I began cooking for real because I was hungry and on a budget. I learned that I loved it. 

In 2009 I was so inspired by Smitten Kitchen banana bread that I went on to bake almost everyday for six months. I loved to carefully peel paper wrappers off butter and watch sifted flour fall like snow. It was completely absorbing and I enjoyed it all until I stopped completely. I'm an all or nothing person. For instance, six months ago I trained everyday for a race I never ran. I could even do PUSH UPS! I'm still sooo proud even though I've done jack since.

Anyway, Deb from Smiten Kitchen also inspired a devotion to cooking. Ahhh! I love Deb. Deb's my hero. She's so talented, approachable, and thorough. Before I cooked buttermilk roast chicken, I hadn't done anything more than boil pasta and dump sauce on it. I first made this chicken with biscuits (flaky, buttery, absolute perfection - my one and only) and some soggy vegetables (a mistake) for my friends. It was SO GOOD!!! The chicken was bursting with flavor and juiciness, it's skin crispy and scorched. Roast chicken changed everything.