Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Test kitchen: lemon herb chicken

I'm trying to reduce my meat intake... not doing so well. It's just that I get SO HUNGRY. I had couscous and vegetables for lunch yesterday and then felt murderously hungry by 3 pm. Vegetarians, I don't know how you do it. I've never been hungrier. I was possessed.

I rebelled by roasting a chicken. I even got fancy salt for it (Maldon), which I went a bit overboard with as this roast was pretty salty. Oops! I'm trying to perfect my chicken roast so I can pull one off as easily and deliciously as possible. I'm still not there but I'm enjoying every try. I'll hold off on posting a recipe for this until I've really perfected it.

Next time:
  • pat the skin dry before seasoning
  • move it down a shelf in the oven
  • acquire a baster as I don't have one in the UK(!!!)
  • baste the shit out of it

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