Sunday, March 3, 2013

Life lately

Wow. This past week has been terrible on my end, how was yours? In brief: stomach flu, food poisoning,  internship applications, two essays with the same deadline. So much vomiting and so much writing. This weekend I've been catching up on eating normally and showering regularly.

Anyway, the farmers market is the first Saturday of every month here and I made it out of bed just in time. I always buy the Meaty Meatballs from Puddledub Pork. They're HUGE and delicious. I look forward to the first weekend of the month just for spaghetti and meatballs. Another post on that later.

I haven't spent much time outside in the past few weeks. When it's essay time I swing from home to the library. It gets very old. Now with all this free time on my hands I wanted to reconnect with that part of me that made running a regular - and (eventually) fulfilling thing - last summer. Yesterday afternoon I went on a short run and it really sucked. It's so hard to get started again. It took a good three weeks to get into the groove the last time I picked up running. 

I was snotting, dripping sweat, and heaving while I passed by the hordes of families and friends enjoying the gorgeous sunny day. I wondered if they noticed my incompetence and judged me for it. I ran faster so I wouldn't seem so unfit but trying harder made it way more obvious. On top of that, I was really jealous of them. I'd much rather have basked in the sunshine, immobile. In comparison I was fighting for a breath and trying not to choke on my overwhelming phlegm.

I must be an outlier cause I really prefer the treadmill. It's easier and I feel less self-conscious because everyone else is exercising, doing their own thing. Next time I'll run slower. Alone. If at all. Ughhhhhhh. I hate running.

PS Has anyone ever tried running with a Samsung Galaxy S3 without a pocket? It's like taking your laptop out for a walk. It fell 3 times!!!

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