Monday, March 11, 2013

Kitchen sink salad

I've been on a health kick. That means in the last week I've only indulged in discounted peanut M&Ms just once. Ah, I love them!

Since I was sick for most of February, which was when I had a ton of deadlines, I've become more concerned about eating less junk, drinking more water, and washing my hands at the library until they're papery and itchy. It's not about weight loss. (Aside: I've tried it before and it is too restricting and boring) It's about being healthy enough to function.

Most of my meals are a variation of meat and potatoes, because that's inexpensive and simple. A few weeks ago I had my first salad in months. After all the steaks, burgers, fries, and Tesco sweets - it was spiritual. A communion through vegetables. The holy choir sang. It had been so long! Now I'm trying to work out how to get my daily fruits and veggies for a decent price. The UK is an expensive place. Bananas, for instance, are twice the price as they are at home. Here fruit is a luxury packaged in plastic. I wish another American student had gone before me and told me exactly what to do. I'll have to figure it out myself.

Today, I had a big salad with buttermilk dressing. Here's the price of my salad haul if you're curious:

Spinach, 200g (7oz) (imported)
£1.3 / $1.94

2 eggs (1 dozen: £2.80)
£0.23 per egg / $0.34 per egg

Radishes, 125g (4.4oz) (imported)
£0.70 / $1.04

Half cucumber
£0.45 / $0.67

£1.20 / $1.89

Smoked salmon on sale, 100g (3.53 oz)
£2.69 / $4.00

Total: £9.14 / $13.61

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